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Make Saving Great Again – Using Facebook Messenger To Reduce Your Monthly Bills

With Lukas Zoerner (Mespo)

Hear how Mespo are giving customers a smart, non-biased way to save money on their monthly bills using cutting edge technology.

11th Apr 2017

Why Your App Idea (Probably) Sucks With Heidi Pun

Heidi Pun tells us about her tried and tested approach to product development and how people can bring ideas to market quickly and effectively.

3rd Apr 2017

Don’t Worry About the Competition

While you should be aware of your competition, worrying excessively about them will lead to neglect of your core business.

20th Mar 2017

Accelerating a Startup, Doughnut Marketing™ and How to Launch a Business on a Train

Simon joins Tom to talk about his experience of starting a company out of university, going through an accelerator and taking an idea from conception to revenue inside a week.

7th Mar 2017

The Offline Startup

Tech can be very powerful and can give your business a competitive edge, but you should not neglect the benefits of doing things "the old way" in order to learn.

27th Feb 2017

Why You Do Not Need To Be First-to-Market

Anthony takes us through the factors that influence first-moved advantage, and why it's not always much of an advantage!

31st Jan 2017

Can Tech Help a Nation of 1.2 Billion People Go Cashless?

Tom just got back from India! This episode he chats to Simon about their unusual currency situation.

20th Jan 2017

An Introduction to Porter’s Five Forces

Anthony and Tom explain what the Five Forces are and then run a basic analysis using them.

6th Dec 2016

Getting Feedback from the Crowd

Christy takes a very lean, "startup" approach to solving one of the age-old problems of living (and shopping!) with someone.

21st Nov 2016

Crash Course in Starting an Online Business – Event Highlights

Highlights from the talks at our recent event aimed at startup founders looking to get going with their business idea.

11th Nov 2016