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Juggling Priorities – How Product Teams Can Choose What To Do Next

Running a digital product is hard. There's lots keep on top of so how do you work out what do next? Hear our top tips.

23rd Oct 2017

Lightbulb Moments, Magic Beans and Other Innovation Myths – How To (Actually) Generate Ideas

How to lay a successful plan for innovation and common pitfalls to avoid in the process.

16th Oct 2017

Bandwagon, The Facebook MVP

Forget building a platform. Test a product idea with Facebook...

10th Oct 2017

Why We Killed Our Crappy Music Platform Idea (And Loved It)

We mistakenly thought that there was need for a service... oops!

3rd Oct 2017

Appetite for Disruption: Revolutionising Street Food

With Hugo Campbell & Digby Vollrath (Feast It)

Hear how two friends founded an online marketplace for street food caterers bringing tasty food to private and corporate events.

19th Sep 2017

How Do You Prove That Your Product Is Successful?

What success can look like and how you should you measure the value of your product.

12th Sep 2017

How to Measure the Four Types of Value Created By Digital Products

We discuss the different ways digital products create business value and how you can make sure you're paying attention to the right metrics.

5th Sep 2017

How Five of The World’s Favourite Product Features Evolved (And What We Can Learn From Them)

From the humble hashtag to Facebook’s Reaction emojis, we take a look at how the world’s favourite features were born and what they can teach us.

15th Aug 2017

Managing Ideas: How to Generate, Filter and Judge Innovative Thinking

Tom and Dan discuss the product leadership framework, and the role of ideas in product development.

9th Aug 2017

Three Simple Steps to Building A Culture of Innovation

Innovation isn't as tricky as you think, follow these steps to build an environment where it can flourish.

1st Aug 2017