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How Five of The World’s Favourite Product Features Evolved (And What We Can Learn From Them)

From the humble hashtag to Facebook’s Reaction emojis, we take a look at how the world’s favourite features were born and what they can teach us.

15th Aug 2017

Managing Ideas: How to Generate, Filter and Judge Innovative Thinking

Tom and Dan discuss the product leadership framework, and the role of ideas in product development.

9th Aug 2017

Three Simple Steps to Building A Culture of Innovation

Innovation isn't as tricky as you think, follow these steps to build an environment where it can flourish.

1st Aug 2017

The Benefits of Startups in Residence

With Friends of the Earth and Makerble

Hear how an established charity has experimented with running a startup program and what value it has brought to both sides.

26th Jul 2017

Five Fatal Product Development Mistakes That Most Agencies Make

Mistakes are the cheapest way to learn but you can only learn from your mistakes if you realise you’re making them.

14th Jul 2017

Startup vs. Corporate Development, an Inside View

With Aleksandar Orlic (Penta)

Hear insights on the pros and cons of both startup and corporate approaches to product development and innovation.

4th Jul 2017

Changing a Charity Through Digital Transformation

With Tom Wright (Friends of the Earth)

Tom tells us how the charity are trying to adopt a Digital First approach and shares what they've learnt along the way.

12th Jun 2017

Building A New Way To Pay

With Tom Weaver (Flypay)

Hear about Flypay's journey from rusty prototype through major funding rounds to a suite of Point of Sale software for the hospitality industry.

30th May 2017

Trademarks and IP de-mystified

With Chris McLeod (Elkington & Fife)

A crash course in how to protect your product ideas with an industry expert. We learned a lot!

16th May 2017

Cursing Is Caring – Turning Frustration Into Features

How to plan and prioritise post-MVP features, while listening to your users in the right way. All modelled on Pokemon GO, obviously.

5th May 2017