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The Product Leadership Podcast

Weighting and Rating – How To Prioritise Your Backlog

How do you determine which features to prioritise in your product backlog? Russ and Tom talk us through the elements to consider when weighting each one.

19th Sep 2019

The Mini Pitch – Easily Distill, Explain And Present Your Ideas

Introducing our mini pitch process, a tried and tested methodology for showing the people who matter that an idea is worthy of taking forward.

13th Aug 2019

How To Win The Product Lottery

Why do some businesses seem to have the best ideas and launch the best products time and time again? Dan and Tom discuss the innovation lessons we can learn from them.

17th Jul 2019

What Would Happen If You Hired the World’s Greatest Designer?

Getting amazing design work done isn't as simple as hiring a designer and leaving them to it. Here's what you can do to make sure you get the best results from your design team.

10th Apr 2019

Creating the Perfect Workflow Between UX/UI and Development Teams

Getting separate teams to work in unison is tough, we give four top tips for getting your design and dev teams working in perfect harmony.

4th Mar 2019

Exposing Vulnerability, Breaking Habits and Other Adventures in Creativity

With Steve Chapman (Can Scorpions Smoke?)

We talked to Steve about how he helps teams discover their inner creativity through workshops that take them out of their comfort zone and into the realm of uncertainty.

18th Apr 2018

The Covert Innovator: How to Disrupt Under the Radar

How can innovation be introduced in your organisation alongside a team's everyday activities? We gives some hints and tips.

13th Mar 2018

How to Conduct Expert User Research aka How You Might Be Doing It Wrong

We discuss the importance of research and some simple techniques you can use to introduce this into your product workflow

17th Jan 2018

Juggling Priorities – How Product Teams Can Choose What To Do Next

Running a digital product is hard. There's lots keep on top of so how do you work out what do next? Hear our top tips.

23rd Oct 2017

Appetite for Disruption: Revolutionising Street Food

With Hugo Campbell & Digby Vollrath (Feast It)

Hear how two friends founded an online marketplace for street food caterers bringing tasty food to private and corporate events.

19th Sep 2017