State of the art UX/UI
design for workflow automation tools

User-friendly workflow automation tools are changing the world of business for good. Partner with us to create cutting edge, highly interactive interfaces that are a breeze for non-technical users.

Workflow tools we've turbocharged

Modern SaaS workflow automation tools

Workflow automation tools are big business. Many forward-thinking companies rely on SaaS platforms centred around workflows, enabling them to visualise and automate repeatable processes quickly and efficiently.

From creating marketing automations, fine tuning cyber security, getting to grips with complex data and much more, workflow tools are a massive part of the digital landscape.

In a saturated market, user expectation has never been higher. When you partner with an expert UX/UI agency, you can be sure your workflow tool will soar above the competition.

Lighthouse built a highly responsive and sophisticated platform. Our team was especially pleased with how straightforward its features were.

Sophia Chang
Associate Product Manager, Fig

Cutting edge interactive interfaces

To succeed, a modern workflow tool needs highly interactive ways for users to create, automate and share in a matter of moments. We’re highly adept at creating rich visual layers that make understanding what’s going on simple.

These days, the standard has been set by ubiquitous platforms like Miro for a canvas-based drag and drop system that doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

The more complex the task, the more simplicity a tool should give users. Getting to grips with complicated flows and making them a breeze to use is our specialty!

UX for mobile and desktop

Designing experiences that work smoothy across different devices is always at the forefront of our minds, and understanding varying contexts of use is essential for an efficient workflow tool.

There’s no ‘big screen bias’ here, and nor do we focus on just reproducing experiences across platforms.

Instead, we aim to leverage the unique benefits of each environment, basing feature sets on real customer needs and deep understanding.

Part of delivering the best possible UX  is understanding the devices used, and crafting experiences that don’t just ‘work’ on them, but that utilise their specific capabilities and contexts.

Workflow tool user interface design

It goes without saying that any modern workflow automation tool needs sleek, sophisticated UI design that looks as good as it feels.

When you partner with us, we create a comprehensively documented UI design system that makes quick, faithful implementation by your engineering team as straightforward as your product.

There’ll never be a need for guesswork about how a button or element should respond.

Your design team will benefit too, with a documented base to work from that’s completely flexible and scalable.

We’ll make sure you have everything needed to maintain and scale a successful, long lasting tool that’s indispensable to users.