Improving the UI of a Saas risk and compliance tool


$18M+ revenue

120+ employees

Cyber security


London, UK



UX/UI designers


UX Strategist

SureCloud is a SaaS tool providing Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solutions and Cyber Security and Risk Advisory services. They offer software solutions to some of the most influential companies in the world.

With household names such as M&S, Just Eat and Autotrader among their established client base, the SureCloud team wanted to focus to keeping a step ahead of their competitors and reaching their next level of growth.

Lighthouse didn’t need a lot of my time to get going; they were able to get up and running very quickly to produce high-quality output.

Alex Brown
VP of Product, SureCloud

Complex product design

Surecloud’s software allows users to generate highly customisable reports and forms using a large array of modular components. It provides great power and insight, but was lacking finesse and consistency from a UI perspective.

We started by creating a new UI framework, backed up by a comprehensive design system that would power the visuals for all of these components.

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Now the application screens would have a coherent look and feel, helping users digest information and the product stand out from its competitors.

Our challenge was providing a unique and slick UI without needlessly reinventing the wheel.

Designing data

Our refreshed UI design focused on bringing life to SureCloud’s data and tables, using colour where appropriate to help users make sense of data and get quick insights at a glance.

We worked on the product’s navigation, updating the previous interface with bespoke icons and new design patterns.

The project didn’t have a major focus on UX because of technical constraints but we introduced changes, where appropriate and feasible, to improve the flow through the application.

Developer collaboration

SureCloud has a team of in-house developers who constantly work on the platform. As you might expect, they’re a busy bunch with a lot on their plates. It was vital that implementing our UI changes didn’t generate too heavy a backlog for them.

Ultimately, we didn’t want our changes to become a burden for them. We were conscious of finding the right balance between doing great UI design work, making lightweight UX changes and facilitating implementation. 

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Our development team were very pleased with the high quality of the designs Lighthouse produced.

Alex Brown
VP of Product, SureCloud