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Creating beautiful user interface design and extensible UI systems for digital products

Beautiful interfaces

Your product’s no good if the UI puts users off. We create modern interfaces that will put you streets ahead of the competition.

Design systems

An underlying design system that catalogues all the elements of your application will help speed up development and scale the tool over time.

Interaction design

Take your product from good to great with an interface that reacts. Microinteractions will help users engage with your tool and increase action.

UI projects we're proud of

User interface designers 🎨

The number of digital products and apps in use is overwhelming; you’ll have come across both good and bad UI design in your everyday life.

A well-designed user interface won’t fix your UX problems, but coupled with a well-planned user experience it’ll set you head and shoulders over your competitor.

Customers will only put up with so much in an interface and there’s always a shiny new tool on the block to tempt them away with a slick UI design. We’ve helped teams small and large design the perfect interface for their user, sector and UX to stand out from the crowd.

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UI design systems 🔖

Boiling down your interface to its UI elements lets us create a complete design system that can be used to inform every part of your application.

Think of it like an extension of your brand guidelines, showing how your brand can be rolled out across an entire web or mobile interface (with a lot more detail about how web forms look).

The days of designing an app page by page are over.

Your design system acts as a reusable tool that cuts down the need for ongoing UI design and massively speeds up the development process. Your developers can move directly from wireframes to finished templates, cutting out the need for us (we’re totally happy with that, by the way 😉).

Lighthouse’s understanding of development stood out for us. They really understand what is technically possible and that what they design has to be built by us.

Lewis Boyles-White
Director, Core Blue

A purple car arrives on screen from the left. 3 Icons from the UI appear above.

Interaction design 💻

Microinteractions are often the thing that turns a good UI into a great user experience, giving instant feedback to users about completed actions. A swipe, a reactive data field or a simple animated button make your interface fun and playful, evoking positive emotion when implemented correctly.

As much as users like things that move, they don’t want to use a digital product that gives them motion sickness. We’re experts in creating the perfect balance between designing something that’s possible to build, that reacts in exciting ways, and, crucially, provides a usable experience.

The components delivered are highly usable, polished and accessible, meeting all our key requirements.

Nick Myers
Director of Digital Technology, Digital Theatre+
A series of sketch file icons

Built to scale 👫

With your UI design system in place you have a documented base to work from that’s completely flexible and scalable. Need a new section to your product? No problems, you probably have all the elements already. If you don’t, that’s easy to add.

We’ve worked with products at an enterprise scale to structure and manage huge design systems, tying them directly with the outputs and needs of the product development teams.

A well-planned UI will make your life easier. We’ll help you build the foundations of a successful, long-lasting application.

We loved Lighthouse’s thoughtful UI design. They were unique in their thinking, and they provided smart suggestions.

Dan de Sybel
Infectious Media

Seamless developer handover 🖥

Founded by a developer and a technical designer, we’ve built a ton of products ourselves, and we know the complexities involved. We speak the same language as your dev team, and will give them what they need to be clear about the direction they’re going in.

Whether we’re handing off designs directly to your engineers or providing a complete front-end templating system, we know how to ensure your project stays on track.

We’ll give you the documentation and assets you need to translate our designs into a brilliant front end. With tools like Figma, Abstract and Zeplin nothing will be left to guesswork.

We know that a guess usually results in a mess!


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