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An automotive UX and UI project

HPI was Britain’s first vehicle provenance check, and has been trusted for 80 years. Now owned by a corporate parent and merged with automotive intelligence company CAP, the business provides a set of powerful tools that help users to easily check any car’s history, status and market value.

We came onboard to create myHPI, a digital product that fused well-used features into a single personalized experience making owning, buying and selling a car simple.

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Idea validation

The goal of this new product was to enable users to store information relating to the maintenance and value of their existing vehicles, as well as creating wishlists to compare ones they were interested in buying.

We were able to use cap hpi’s healthy customer base from their existing digital products as a base to reach out to for customer interviews.

We wanted to streamline some of our data and products into a single, personalized, mobile-first experience. We usually only see our users about once every three years when they buy a car, so we wanted to stay in the loop and offer more of our data in an ongoing way.

Heba Zayed
Marketing Manager, Cap HPI

Our phone interviews explored their relationships with their cars, their experiences buying and selling cars, and looked into the pains and gains of car ownership. We reinforced our findings by surveying an additional 500 drivers with similar questions, before creating driver personas.

It turned out that our initial hypothesis was much less of a priority for people than we thought – this evened the playing field of features.

Mobile first automotive UX and UI

We defined the main user flows of this complex app using simple wireframes, validating some of our initial assumptions and disproving others.

Once the main structure was set, we created a comprehensive and detailed group of wireframes of the main screens, and our first interactive prototype.

We didn’t only focus on the UX within the app, but also on the integration of this new product to the existing user flows between products. It was vital that the flow between a user purchasing an HPI check and creating an account was as seamless and simple as possible.

We crafted a responsive, flexible mobile-first experience for everyday, at-a-glance use to meet the needs of the whole user base.

HPI Icons
HPI search and upload UI

Product UI design

To put the finishing touches to the product we created a full UI kit ready to hand over to the internal developers to create the tool. To entice customers and help with onboarding we also put together a series of bespoke illustrations and animations that would give the marketing team what they needed to generate conversions.

Their communication and attention to detail were great. Their team members were friendly and eager to learn about our product. We’ll work with them again.

Heba Zayed
Marketing Manager, Cap HPI
500+ Users surveyed
26 Screens wireframed
5 Cars on our wishlist