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Maintaining a successful SaaS tool is a marathon not a sprint.

Flexible, customisable products with multiple use cases and a range of customers are complex by their very nature. You need to commit to ongoing cycles of review and iteration if your application is going to stand out and thrive.

If your product is well-used and profitable, but UX hasn’t been a specific priority so far, then chances are your growth is being hampered.

Many SaaS companies focus on their product’s tech, with founders who have great ideas and developers with huge technical aptitude but limited UX skills.

Experiencing problems with onboarding? Customer churn rates high? The good news is these are all common problems and something a dedicated product UX team can help fix

Investment in UX design is a powerful way to cut churn, turning users who’d been at the point of giving up into highly engaged, long term customers.

This was a tricky project to navigate, between all the data and financials, but Lighthouse came up with an engaging result.

Vaughan Ashe
Head of Delivery, Euromoney

When you partner with Lighthouse we leave you with not only a product to be proud of, but the skills, processes and assets to keep it supercharged.

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Ongoing support, systems and skills

We thrive on long-term relationships where our engagement evolves with your business. We’ll stay on the scene with steering and support to help your SaaS tool soar.

Looking to upskill your team? We can help embed design thinking techniques and methodologies, fostering an internal culture of innovation and improving your people as well as your product.

Lighthouse integrated with us to realise our objectives, to the extent that it felt like two companies working as one.

Christopher Clarke


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