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SaaS product to eliminate
workplace bias




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Ellpha is a company on a diversity mission, working to help companies eliminate bias from their talent management with the use of AI.

We came onboard as their design partner, initially to create the MVP of their AI SaaS tool Talentuum, but with a view to a long term collaboration.

Lighthouse stood out for being flexible and supportive partners. Trust them; they’re more than a design agency.

Stéphanie Creff
CEO, Ellpha
Competitor research

Defining an AI SaaS product

Getting to grips with the problem space and understanding the shape the product will take is an essential first task for any new tool.

This was a project where we didn’t just need to bring our design A-game, but plenty of strategic value too.

We worked with Ellpha’s founders to identify Talentuum’s audience, define the proposition and sketch out a feature set before setting out on our initial user research.

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user research findings

User research phase

In order to validate the direction of the application we needed to understand how users currently solved these problems. It was important to learn about the platforms they’d already come across and their expectations for features.

We reached out to HR professionals from organisations in the UK, USA and Scandinavia – areas with many similarities but differing compliance requirements –  to uncover these details.

These interviewees were from a range of relevant industries and company sizes to ensure we captured a variety of points of view.

Talking to the right people, those with insight into and effect over diversity at their company, was vital to check that our initial ideas were on the mark.

With interviews completed we analysed our findings, pulling together key themes to show how often they were mentioned and their relative importance.

These insights directly influenced to roadmap of Talentuum’s MVP, shaping its initial feature set.

Sharing direct quotes from users is always a powerful way to help stakeholders quickly grasp our findings.

process flow

UX wireframing

We mapped routes through the product using Primary, defining the end-to-end user journey for three personas with lo-fi wireframes.

Settling out the product’s skeleton in this way allowed us to clarify and define features, as well as easily walking the Ellpha team and dev partners through the structure of the platform.

UI exploration images
final UI screen 1 - 'welcome to Talentuum'
Final UI screen 2 - a choice between 'manage your talent list' and 'manage your talent cycles'
final UI screen 3 - 'select talent'

AI Saas tool UI design

With flows mapped and user experience defined, it was time to explore how to bring the tool to life with UI design.

UI library for developers

We created a comprehensive library of UI components ready for Ellpha’s development partner to take forward, including thorough documentation to make this handover stage a breeze.

The research team and developers loved the design, we’ve had great feedback. Moreover, it’s easy to navigate, and we like the color scheme, look and feel.

Stéphanie Creff
CEO, Ellpha
4 Teams collaborating
14 HR professionals interviewed
100 Hours wireframing