Innovative applications for forward thinking charities

The charity world is changing, digital tools are helping organisations reach new supporters across a huge array of channels in highly innovative ways. Let’s help you breathe new life into building meaningful connections.

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The charity digital landscape

Recent years have seen many charities, large and small, experiment with how to attract new supporters and raise funds using methods that previously didn’t exist in a non-digital landscape. We can help you reach new audiences across a huge array of channels in highly innovative ways.

From MVP to build

Whether you’re looking to run simple digital experiments, build out MVPs or bring fully-featured platforms to life we can help you along the design and development journey.

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Charity digital innovation culture

Tech aside, a key challenge for charities is breeding an internal culture that allows innovation to happen and brings out the best in a knowledgeable and passionate workforce.

Our idea generation workshops and repeatable frameworks will help empower your teams to contribute to your charity’s digital strategies and push you forward using skills that already exist or are easy to learn.

We know that when it comes to upskilling with design thinking, the key to learning is doing.

We’ve all sat through “workshops” which are just facilitators talking and forgotten it all the moment we walked out!

That’s why we run through solo and group tasks that put new techniques into practice instantly, giving team members from across the organisation confidence to embrace and utilize them from the off.

Whether your charity is in need of a full design and build project or just some friendly advice about the making the best use of digital tools, we’d love to put our expertise to good use and help out.