Creating a parenting platform for an innovative charity

Digital first charity

As with many forward-thinking charities Action for Children have been trying to bring a “digital first” focus to the organisation. Hoping to bring in new revenue streams as well as reach new audiences, the organisation plan to launch a suite of digital platforms and digitise existing services. We came on board to help create the MVP for a new parenting product.

UX Research

The first idea to explore was the assumption that parents find it hard to get trustworthy and reliable advice online and that there was an opportunity to develop a digital platform that would address this. It was our job to work with the Action for Children team to test the hypothesis, validate all our assumptions and research the idea thoroughly.

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We met with parents and quizzed them, published surveys, conducted brand empathy tests, ran content comparison studies and much more. Busy times!

Scoping the digital product

After putting the idea through its paces we had enough info to plan and scope the entire platform. It was important to put something together that allowed users to find content easily and explore other stories that might also be of interest.

We tested various navigation solutions by building prototypes and putting them in front of users to gauge reactions. It’s amazing what you learn by faking a product before building


A design system

The design brief was to keep the site colourful and playful so we put together a design system that included a friendly colour palette, fun icons and a range of type options. A WordPress back-end made it easy for the Action for Children team to add and update content on a regular basis.

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50 Hours for discovery
3+ Years engagement
2 Lighthouse babies born since launch (and counting...)