MVP design

Build your Minimum Viable Product with a trusted team of product experts. Get from idea to launch rapidly with a lean, scalable product that perfectly balances user need and project budget. 🚀


Choose the right features. Let’s work together and find the balance of power and simplicity that users will love.


Flesh the product out but keep the cost of change low so we can try things out and get it right.


Creating a user interface that makes your software a pleasure to use and works across all the necessary devices.


Expert technology decisions and cutting edge scalable development from our trusted partner, tailored to the needs of your business.


Where you take a product depends on how people are using it. We know what to measure and how to measure it.


Engaged users demand more features! Let’s shape an ongoing relationship that’s best for your business.

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Launch quick, launch right

For a great minimum viable product (MVP) you need to understand business, users, design and technology. None of these are simple.

We can help make sense of them.

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Why we killed our crappy music platform idea (and loved it)

We built the wrong thing ourselves – but learned a ton from it! 🤘

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We often ship an MVP in the blink of an eye but there’s no point in getting to market fast if you’ve built the wrong thing.

We can help you validate.

You need fantastic user-centric design, astute technology choices and a well formed strategy for managing and improving a product over time.

We can help you scale.

The way a product is marketed and the way its performance is assessed are critical. These things need to be built in, they are part of the product.

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Supercharge your MVP the Lighthouse way 🚀

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