Keeping wardrobes fresh with a fashion wishlist MVP

The project

For many people, staying on trend with frequent wardrobe refreshes is a big part of looking and feeling good. The Blank Rail founders noticed that there was no simple way to build wishlists of potential purchases and track when they’re available at the best price.

Research showed that there was interest so it was time to create something to start onboarding users and generating a buzz.

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Idea to launch

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MVP scope

We helped scope and plan what a lean MVP looked like, constantly trying to find ways to invest the startup’s seed money as effectively as possible. It meant keeping features light and scaling back on complexity.

We leveraged existing design frameworks to drastically reduce the need for bespoke design, cutting out plenty of time that wouldn’t have provided real value at this early stage.

User focus

Context of use was important. We were designing for the browser but users needed a quick way to add products to their rail without needing to copy and paste URLs. For this we created a browser extension to allow one-click adding while on the product’s website.

To help users grab a bargain the platform keeps track of all prices and then emails to show any sudden price drops.


Launch and beyond

We launched the MVP ready to target early adopters and learn from their use of the platform. The business continues to grow, adding new features and widening the net to new users.

Without Lighthouse London, many of my ideas wouldn’t have worked out, and they’re continually helping me develop new ones. We’ve established a strong working relationship. They’re very trustworthy.

Anthony Tang
Founder, Blank Rail

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8 Weeks to MVP
200 Hour build
30 Items on our rail