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Fitness App UX

FitQuid is a community health app that aims to promote both physical health and human connection. Users take part in challenges and are rewarded for consistent engagement with ‘FitQuids’, digital coins that can be used to purchase real-world things.

I decided to go with Lighthouse London because of the people. They’re passionate about what they do.

Mahdi Almubarak
Co-Founder, FitQuid

Exploration and user research

Creating a fitness app aimed at older users, retired people who are neither tech nor fitness fanatics, presented some unique UX and UI challenges for us to get stuck into.

The team enriched us with their experiences. They gave recommendations and suggestions that added value.

Mahdi Almubarak
Co-Founder, FitQuid

We reached out to a range of potential users and conducted user interviews to learn all about them. We needed to understand their fitness habits, the devices and apps they were familiar with and what rewards would motivate them most.

We conducted a research phase to conduct interviews with potential customers talking about their attitudes to exercise and keeping active as well as finding out how the recently imposed lockdowns had impacted their lives.

Finding out about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns was particularly important.

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Since FitQuid’s target persona aren’t digital natives, it was especially important for us to make the onboarding flow seamless in order to maximise engagement.

It needed to be seriously smooth, with people downloading the app, entering only the most essential information and starting to explore as quickly as possible – no account needed.

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We all decided that the risk of not having user data immediately was worth the benefit of immediate engagement and a much quicker onboarding process.

UX and UI

In terms of the user interface, we placed great emphasis on simplicity and accessibility.

We made the UI elements fairly large and created 3D interactive elements that stood out, keeping a playful yet mature feel. Layered screens keep the navigation hierarchy in place, and pop ups keep users on track.

Visually, we created a style that was both modern and mature.

It’s important that the application doesn’t feel ‘too trendy’ for its intended audience but that it does have a fresh and energised feel.

The future

With our designs faithfully implemented by dev partners, and the first iteration of the app in hand, the Fitquid team are able to forge ahead.

Exciting partnerships with membership organisations are developing, with multiple users onboarded and custom challenges set.

We continue to provide guidance on UX strategy as well as improvements to UI as the platform grows and reaches larger audiences.

I was so impressed with their work. They did a tremendous job.

Mahdi Almubarak
Co-Founder, FitQuid


50 Hours wireframing
< 4 Months to dev handoff
10k Steps a day 👣