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Improve health outcomes, boost engagement and bring positive change to user behaviour. Enhance lives with an experienced health and wellbeing UX partner.

Health and wellbeing success stories

Health and wellbeing UX design

More people than ever before are turning to digital tools to take charge of their health and make the right choices for their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Designing human-centred, accessible experiences that empower and motivate them is no simple task; partnering with a specialist health and wellbeing UX agency is the smart choice.

Health app usage

93% of health app users think the product improves their quality of life


Empathetic UX design

We know that empathy is key when it comes to resonating with people who want to improve their health.

Our in-depth research phases focus on walking in the shoes of real users, removing bias from our designs and aligning on a single, shared understanding of their emotional need.

With a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies at our fingertips, we’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to gaining valuable insights.

Without knowing what’s driving users, it’s impossible to produce a health and wellbeing product that will affect them.

Designing for behavioural change

We have a wealth of experience with marrying psychological principles to sophisticated design techniques, taking users from curious to hooked and helping them not only to take action but to sustain positive behaviours.

Deploying such skills gives you the winning edge when it comes supporting users as they make choices that support their health and wellbeing journey.

Engaging users

Successful modern applications deploy a range of design techniques to continually engage with users, gamifying their experience and motivating them to keep coming back.

We’ll help your product succeed with an an ecosystem of smart notifications that provides people with the nudges they need at exactly the right moment, for their benefit first and foremost. You’ll never see us using dark UX patterns to coerce or mislead.

Expert level UX is never just a ‘nice to have’, but it’s even more essential when users are relying on a digital tool to improve their lives.

It’s an area where fostering strong engagement with a trustworthy product can be genuinely critical to their health and happiness.

Privacy and vulnerability matters

Digital products in the health and wellbeing sector tackle some of the most sensitive and emotional situations people will ever encounter.

We understand the ethical and privacy considerations of working in the health and wellbeing field. We’re experts at delivering unbeatable experiences whilst keeping everybody safe.

We’re proud of our robust data storage and the systems we have in place to protect vulnerable users and their sensitive data.

We create safe, non judgemental environments to help manage complex discussions and tough questions asked of research participants. It’s a real responsibility to know people are relying on us to design something that will impact their lives in a big way.


Our data storage is totally GDPR compliant ✔️


Cutting edge health and wellbeing UI design

The challenges presented to product teams working in the health and wellbeing sphere are both unique and vitally important.
When confusing or difficult to navigate UI can have potentially detrimental real-world consequences, clarity and accessibility take on a new importance.

When you partner with us, you can be sure of not only slick modern designs that users can immediately get to grips with, but everything you need to make engineering handover just as painless.