Re-designing a digital tool to help the public assess their drinking habits

The project

Drinkaware are a charity helping people make better choices around drinking. Over the years they’ve built several digital products to help the public monitor their drinking and change behaviour if there are signs of a problem.

One of the most popular areas of the site is their DrinkCompare Calculator web tool, with over 50k completions in 2017. It allows people to record a week’s typical drinking, and see where they compare with the nation’s average. The tool also gives users information about their calorie intake, units per week, and risks related to heart disease.

The tool was hugely popular but suffered from design and usability issues. Drinkaware wanted to improve the effectiveness of the Calculator by making their data easier to understand.

Our services

Product Makeover

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UX overhaul

We came on board to give the tool a design and UX facelift. Users needed to be able to enter their data quickly and easily and be presented relevant recommendations at the end.

The questions themselves needed a re-think. Could we condense and simplify what was being asked while re-working the flow to provide more accurate responses?

Making a tool usable for all the possible use cases needed lots of thought from the product team and rapid prototyping of user flows.

Affecting change

Finding out how effective this tool will prove over time is a major goal for the project. We wanted to find a way to get people to come back and use it again in future to see if it affected their behaviour.

To motivate return visits we graphically visualised how each person’s health would improve if they were drinking 1, 2 or 3 fewer drinks per day. We then invited them to take part in a ‘Drink Less Challenge’.

The aim is to motivate behaviour change but also send an email to prompt a return visit. It’s still early days to measure the impact but if our own experience is anything to go by, then this tool is definitely effective in inspiring you to “have a little less”.

Check out the Little Less tool