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Weighting and Rating - How To Prioritise Your Backlog

Prioritising the contents of your feature backlog is a vital part of determining your product roadmap. Tom and infrequent co-host Russ talk us through how to go about backlog weighting in order to work out what you should be building next. They cover:

  • Weighting by perceived value – Chatting to your users, stakeholders and frontline customer service team about what people are lacking, longing for or frustrated by.
  • Weighting by analytics – Using Google Analytics etc to provide the least subjective picture of what’s needed.
  • Weighting by cost  – Working out the effort needed by teams to get the feature completed versus the need for them.
  • The balance between prioritising fixing bugs and building new things.

And more areas along the way.

We also found out that sorting tasks alphabetically isn’t a sensible framework! Who’d have guessed…

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Grab our backlog weighting template here (we’ve added some example features and scored them to get you started) 👉 Google Sheets / Excel