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Prototype Sprint

Perfect for Startups, Perfect for Innovators.

We want you to breed a culture of rapid design, development and testing. The quicker you can put something in front of your end user to get feedback the more you can learn and instantly start acting on.


The traditional create a brief/get a proposal process doesn’t allow this. Real businesses aren’t that linear.

Because of this we’ve developed the Prototype Sprint, a lean framework that allows small teams to develop new ideas into physical prototypes in a matter of hours.

How does it work?

The sessions follow a basic premise that all work can be done in two days.

The first morning is spent learning from the team, looking at the existing market and identifying potential end users. From there a series of sketching games are carried out to develop an idea for possible graphical routes, key layouts and anything else that needs to be visualised. Following that it’s about working out exactly what the prototype will do as well as which pages and flows are involved.

The second day is where we work our magic. Taking all the learnings, sketches and plans from the first day a workable prototype is created that allows users to click around. Real feedback from real users! The stuff successful startups are built on.

Prototype Sprint Project Process

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