An established startup testing new features on real customers

Development planning

Having come through the intensity and excitement of Techstars, Headliner had funding and a roadmap for what they wanted to do next. Like any growing business there were unknowns about where they should focus so some validation was needed for what to work on next.

Headliner wanted to retain their user focused approach to development, we took them through our Product Sprint to prototype some features and test with their users

Feature testing

We sat down with them to build a prototype that they could use to test their new features before committing to building anything. A lean startup has limited development available so building the right thing is key.

You can spend lots of time coming up with interesting, cool ideas. What you need to do is focus on what’s going to benefit the end user. This kind of process really helps that.

Stan Mcleod
CEO, Headliner

Rapid feedback

What took us two days to make replicated what would have taken weeks to code. The feedback gained from showing to a user is identical. Headliner now had a powerful tool to start a conversation around the features that had been mapped out.

Your customers are the people who are going to be using your product. It’s the feedback from them that you want, it’s not from your perspective that you want to be using to build out the product.

Stan Mcleod, Headliner CEO

Repeatable frameworks

Lighthouse are all about empowering teams to learn new practices that will improve their businesses. Our aim is to get people prototyping more so that they can reap the benefits of this powerful learning tool.

As a team and a business I think this is something we’re going to be taking forward and revisiting on a regular basis. This enables us to get instant feedback from our users, it’s a great practice to continue.

Stan Mcleod
CEO, Headliner
Lighthouse podcast

Startup Stories - From MVP to Techstars With Stan Mcleod from Headliner

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5 Hours workshopping
6 Ideas generated
1 Week to prototype