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A design sprint to uncover
new product opportunities

The project

Great product management means pursuing your product’s next big opportunity – and perfecting the experience your customers have today.

Our work with ChargeNow, BMW’s electric charging startup sees us not only maintain their entire design system, but also rapidly test new product ideas. 

With a consumer facing product already in development, ChargeNow wanted to expand on a business to business offering.

With a basic database already in use, demand was heavy for a tool with the unique features required by various different types of Fleet Manager.

However, there were lots of questions to answer:

  • What are the different use cases for fleet management?
  • What are the complexities in managing a fleet of cars vs just one?
  • How can we draw from existing fleet management products that provide fuel cards?
  • Who are the existing competitors and how can the service be improved?
  • What are the unique requirements of a driver in the fleet (i.e. charging vehicles at home and billing their company), and what will make the strongest experience for them?
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Product Sprint

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Competitor Analysis

We prepared for the design sprint with a short analysis phase focusing on the current marketplace – comparing tools that provided for our target market.

We built a table to compare their product’s features, their UI examples, and the types of copy they were using to market the solution.

Our research was coupled with an analysis of the industry to help us evaluate the product against three criteria – Desirability, Feasibility and Viability.

post-its during workshop

The Sprint

We teamed up with ChargeNow and a partner to run a three day design sprint near their offices in Munich.

By completely blocking out every participant’s calendar for this exercise, we were able to produce results that would have taken months more to develop alongside our normal schedules.

Russell during workshop

The Result

The end of the sprint saw us present our progress to the CEO to secure investment for building the MVP. Work then went into fully scoping the tool, prototyping and pushing into production. Extending the central ChargeNow design system we created a UI kit that differentiated the tool for the new user persona.

ChargeNow for business 'contracts' page
ChargeNow design system
3 Days
5 Companies collaborating
2 Prototypes created