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Podcast: Side Projects and Unclaimed Lottery Tickets

Side projects are a great way to learn and try new things out. We chat about a few that have worked and a few that have failed.

24th Aug 2015

Founders, Don’t Learn to Code

What are the skills that startup founders need? Hint: they aren't programming ones.

19th Aug 2015

What Skills Should a Startup Founder Have?

A startup founder needs lots of skills to get their business off the ground. Coding probably isn't one of them.

17th Aug 2015

LEGO vs Minecraft: How Two Companies Approached Innovation And One Failed

What happens when a large organisation tried to innovate but remains fixed in its ways? Read about LEGO's mistakes and Minecraft's successes.

3rd Aug 2015

Hack Day aka How We Tried To Build Something In a Day and Celebrated Failure

A while back we did a hack day and it nearly destroyed us. Read our report.

15th Jul 2015

Real World Responsive

The landscape of responsive web design has changed a huge amount in recent years. Read about where we're at right now.

8th Apr 2015

How Much Does a Website Cost?

A question we've been asked a million times and a hard one to answer. There's no doubt we'll get asked it again next week too.

11th Apr 2014

Don’t Design for Yourself, Design for Your Audience

Put yourself in the end user's shoes and create great designs that engage well with your audience, not just the people in your office.

29th Jan 2014

Help, I Don’t Know What My Site Should look Like!

How to work together to make sure you get the design you want. It's easy when you know how.

2nd Oct 2013

Do Things the Long Way and Learn More

Don't focus on technology at the start of the project. Spend time learning about your product and save yourself time and money in the long run.

5th Sep 2013