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Our second hack day saw us venture into the country and lock ourselves away for a couple of days. We planned things, built stuff, watched films and drank some beer.

16th Nov 2015

What’s in a Wireframe?

Wireframes are a hugely important part of our workflow on every project. Find out how we use them and what sort of tools we use to design our sites and products.

12th Nov 2015

Get The Benefit of Hindsight Before You Start

The excellent Startup Podcast gives insight into how an entrepreneur who's just been put through their paces would do things differently if given the chance.

29th Oct 2015

Left Hand Green: Should You Play Twister in Kick-off Meetings?

Russ and Dan immerse themselves in the most cherished moments in the client/agency relationship: the bit before anything’s gone wrong.

21st Sep 2015

The Path to Becoming a Superstar Designer and Other Origin Stories

What does it take to make a designer? Russell and Tom talk about their paths to learning the trade.

14th Sep 2015

Prototyping: How To Prove Your idea In Just Two Days

Prototypes get you from nothing to something in virtually no time. We waffle on about why we love them so.

7th Sep 2015

“My Code Is Golden”: How to Choose the Right Technology

A question sure to get the techies' knickers in a twist. Our resident code supremos discuss al things technology...and a load of other nonsense as well.

2nd Sep 2015

Creative Day Out aka How We Made a Mess of Screen Printing

We decided to get creative and learn to screen print. The results were mixed.

28th Aug 2015

Podcast: Side Projects and Unclaimed Lottery Tickets

Side projects are a great way to learn and try new things out. We chat about a few that have worked and a few that have failed.

24th Aug 2015

Founders, Don’t Learn to Code

What are the skills that startup founders need? Hint: they aren't programming ones.

19th Aug 2015