Addictive products mean long-term clients

Keeping clients is hard work.

You meet, they get excited, you do some great work, the magic fades, they move on.

The cost of finding new clients is unpredictable and normally huge.

What if you could invest some of that money into making sure your best clients stick around?

Here’s how, you become more than a supplier or even a partner. You become part of their foundations by building a product they rely on.

Revealing Reality are a research agency who work long-term with the likes of Google and the BBC. We worked with them to built Connect, a product which allows clients to explore and interact with their research findings.

Use of this product has penetrated deep into these organisations and now switching agency wouldn’t just mean changing the people they work with, it would mean losing the product too.

Revealing Reality’s clients are hooked and the repeat business more than justifies the investment in this brilliant strategy.