Lighthouse are Digital Product People

It’s the start of a new era for Lighthouse as it becomes part of Digital Product People, guided by some familiar faces.

A new chapter

The year was 2008. Yahoo had just turned down Microsoft’s buyout bid, the launch of the App Store made wasting time on your iPhone a whole lot easier, and Lighthouse, a design studio, who set out to create, build and deliver beautiful, accessible web-things was born.

In the decade and a half that followed, Lighthouse went through many changes. The agency grew, matured (but not to the point of giving up karaoke) and settled into an enviable position as the go-to specialists for enterprise organisations with complex digital challenges. 

At the end of 2023, the agency saw another change. Lighthouse as we knew it came to an end and in its place, Digital Product People evolved into being. The next chapter has now begun…

Who are Digital Product People?

Digital Product People is a new business founded by Lighthouse’s board member and Head of Client Services Shelley Malham. She’s joined by some familiar faces from Lighthouse with some of the best and brightest designers and team members.

Shelley is a confident, no-nonsense, energetic leader. She impresses with her meticulous attention to detail, and is able to rapidly gain the trust and respect of clients and teams alike.

Shelley has been focused on the business needs, objectives and frustrations of Lighthouse’s most prominent clients for a number of years, ensuring the products we delivered provide lasting value to their users. 

Digital Product People is already building on Lighthouse’s rock solid foundations, with ongoing projects already seamlessly transitioned, and the same world-class outcomes delighting users and product teams alike.

What do Digital Product People do?

The clue’s in the name,  but just to make it crystal clear, Digital Product People offers the same services as Lighthouse did, focusing on UX research and UX/UI design for (you guessed it) digital products and websites.

The Digital Product People team have hit the ground running thanks to their combined years of expertise and the skillsets. With the same pragmatic and collaborative approach, they’re flexible and adaptable to continue elevating digital experiences for ambitious organisations. 

The future’s in safe hands with Digital Product People.