A collaboration platform
for an innovative
research company

Revealing Reality is a multi-award-winning insight and innovation agency.

Connect is a digital product that helped set them in a class of their own by amplifying the value they provided their clients and securing their brand as the future of research.

Going fully digital

The company works with big name organisations to deliver insights using innovative research techniques. They love to try out new ideas and are always pushing themselves to deliver their findings in ways that excite and engage their enviable client roster.

For years they’d been using a mix of online and offline methods but it was time to go fully digital and build a platform to allow better collaboration between the hundreds of people who interact with the business, inside and out.

The initial challenge was turning an offline process into an online one. We learned about how Revealing Reality currently worked and tried to design a digital process that would match and improve what they currently had.

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Improving collaboration

The release of Connect had a dual impact on the company.

Firstly it improved collaboration between researchers meaning they worked more efficiently and produced higher quality work.

Secondly it increased their perceived value to clients, became a major part of their offering and cemented their reputation as innovators.

What resulted from the project was that Connect – when launched – made an instant impact to the business.

The application has now become one an integral part of the company’s day-to-day workings and has proved a huge hit with the research staff.

We use it for almost every project. There’s been a lot of client engagement, which has worked really well for us. We’re working on adding more features to improve it and progress the product.

Damon De Ionno, Managing Director, Revealing Reality

Unpredictable content

Revealing Reality gather their research in all shapes and sizes – word documents, photographs, personal videos and audio recordings.

Respondents send in content from an unpredictable mix of devices, locations and contexts – from desktop computers at home to mobile devices mid-commute.

The use cases for the research subjects were entirely different to the team sitting in the office categorising and reviewing content. We had to consider the context for each of these user types to create a system that worked for everyone.

An essential tool

Creating a system that allowed Revealing Reality to collect, collate and disperse all of this data was key.

We worked with the team to design a completely bespoke product from the ground up – engineered to complement and improve their workflow.

Connect provided the company with a central access point to all of their data and enabled them to streamline their process and save time on every project.

The application has now become an integral part of their day-to-day workings and has proved a huge hit with the research staff and clients.

A brilliant way to explore and share Revealing Reality’s research. A key tool for staying in touch with our audience.

Client feedback
>95% Use on projects
7 Major sprints
1 Celebratory BBQ