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VetHelpDirect is an pet health product that helps pet owners find local vets and gives advice on pet health issues. In addition, it provides tools for vets to connect with pet owners and grow their businesses.

The platform already enjoyed a huge amount of engagement from happy customers, but needed a UX and UI update predominantly to enhance existing flows before adding new features.

We needed to make sure it was clear to users that this was a one stop shop for their pet care needs.

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Fixing pet health product UX flows

Digging into the platform data showed us where the dead ends and problem areas were. The right content and features were there, but just not always presented in a way that was easily digestible by users.

We introduced lightweight UX tweaks for multiple flows across the platforms, while adding larger fixes for key pages such as vet listings and the main search flow.

Our UI refinement took what was already there and brought it much more up-to-date, losing the dated feel but keeping it broadly in line with what customers were used to.

Feature expansion

The product roadmap was set to introduce several new, market-leading features. The effects of the recent pandemic had also seen a dramatic shift in the need for video-based consultancy services, making them a sudden priority.

Features ranged from added value offers, like direct booking and filter-rich search, to those needed when an owner had an emergency on their hands.

Dealing with someone who has a very sick pet and is incredibly stressed about the situation needs careful handling and no barriers to getting them help as quickly as possible.

User retention

Many years of investment in SEO strategy has meant that the site’s content generates a huge amount of organic traffic. However, getting this traffic into other areas of the site and increasing time spent on site was a key outcome for our work.

The people at Lighthouse were a pleasure to deal with! We got great results despite us specifying quite a restrictive brief. Traffic and conversions have continued to grow year on year and we are now looking to move into other regions.

Chris Morphew
Product Manage, VetHelpDirect

Users simply weren’t aware that there was more to interact with aside from the content served to them via search. The platform needed to work a bit harder to ensure that they spent longer taking advantage of the wealth of solutions on offer.

Surfacing relevant linked content and direct CTAs to relevant next steps made users aware of what the platform could do to help and pointed them in the right direction.

53% Increase in conversions
81% Increase in users
6m Site visitors per year