Bandwagon, the Facebook MVP

Forget building a platform. Test a product idea with Facebook…

Bandwagon is a platform linking up-and-coming bands with smaller music venues.

When its founders needed a cheap way to test the market, they found it right under their noses; Facebook.

They set up a free page and began posting gig opportunities from their network of promoters.

Soon bands began to use the page in their search for places to play.

Starting out with just a handful of likes the page grew rapidly. Soon enough the team couldn’t cope with the time needed to match bands and venues.

Idea validated.

There was thirst for the service and bands were clawing over each other to play the gigs advertised. With an engaged audience in place it was time for Lighthouse to build the platform.

The only cost? Time.

Why spend money if you don’t have to?

An MVP should be as simple as possible; its only goal is to prove that you that people want your product.