Revamping an app to help parents get through
sleepless nights

The project

The first few months in a new parent’s life are the toughest. A strange new world filled with tears and unexpected experiences, many of which are faced alone. Up All Hours are there to give a helping hand in the hour of need

…which is usually 3am on a Tuesday.

Up All Hours users

The problem

They came to us because the original site wasn’t working. Confused UX, design that wasn’t hitting the mark and in dire need of a tune up, we ripped it up and started again. And the best place to start?

The users.

wireframing with pencil and paper

User validation

Parents were interviewed, ideas prototyped and decisions made about what was best to build. It turns out that everything was overcomplicated and all people wanted was good content and a pleasurable user experience (when viewing on a phone using only one hand).

People loved the content but just couldn’t find it. Why make something overly flashy when it serves no benefit to the visitors?

Up all hours mobile article
Up all hours mobile article 'Coping with winter bugs'
Up all hours mobile article 'Coping with winter bugs'
Up All Hours logo

UX/UI design

Then on to the design & build. A re-hash of the logo, keeping the original fun and friendly vibe, coupled with a super-speedy, mobile-focused website. Legibility was a key concern so typefaces were pored over and we even included a low-glare mode for reading in the early hours.

We knew we had a great opportunity and a passionate audience, but the product wasn’t delivering. Lighthouse fixed that and have continued to work with us to keep the website current, interesting and relevant ever since

Sam Sims, Founder, Up All Hours

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