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Counterfeiting is big business, especially for luxury fashion. TAGD are bringing a new anti-counterfeiting software solution to market which enables people to prove the authenticity of their purchases. The TAGD team had a well-formed technical solution, but were in need of an expert partner to help them create their product vision and shape the path end users would take through their application.

With high-end retailers keen to see how this all worked, it was time for TAGD to turn their attention to the customer-facing side of their proposition.

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Christopher Clarke

A seamless user experience

TAGD needed to demonstrate to high-end retailers that their product wouldn’t interrupt the existing buying flow, but instead would seamlessly add value. Their route to market depended on buy-in from these companies, so stakes were high.

We were tasked with bringing to life the vision of TAGD’s place in that existing flow.

It was important for us to show that it would not disrupt the carefully crafted look and feel of the retailer’s application, or put people off completing their purchases. Additionally, we needed to make clear that integrating TAGD wouldn’t be technically complex or arduous to the retailer.

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Understanding the buying journey

Most users are very familiar with a fashion buying journey, so our task was to show how the TAGD brand would sit within that existing experience that users already knew well.

There was a fine balance for us to find between showing users the value of the service offered by TAGD – in order to encourage signups – and not disrupting the flow they expected.

Picking the right moment to appeal and onboard end users with minimal disruption was crucial.

We informed our work here with inspiration from products already in the market that successfully sit within this type of flow.

These included payment methods such as Klarna and Clearpay and identity verification tool Onfido.

The team enriched us with their experiences. They gave recommendations and suggestions that added value.

Christopher Clarke

A product vision for multiple markets

We also wanted to bring a selling journey to life, showing how TAGD would integrate with a user re-selling a luxury item.

Our goal here was to show how TAGD could become a certificate of trusted authenticity and how it would impact the journey for the buyer.

Showing this flow also enabled the TAGD team to illustrate a possible extension to a retailers’ existing platform.

Lighthouse integrated with us to realise our objectives, to the extent that it felt like two companies working as one.

Christopher Clarke

Delivering the product vision

At the end of this project, TAGD had a defined journey that took their technical spec and turned it into a compelling product vision that provided a powerful sales tool.

Our work enabled them to show clearly how TAGD provides a necessary step in sustainable reselling, even suggesting avenues for their platform’s future.

Lighthouse’s work went above and beyond our expectations. It has already been used to secure meetings with two global retail brands.

Christopher Clarke

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