UX and design for a scaling property investment startup

Property Investment Product

With a revenue generating product already launched, we came on board with UX/UI design to help the Propio team forge a new direction. The new target was millennials who wanted to invest their money in a trustworthy product in a simple, hassle-free way.

Crowdfunding property deals are great for investors with time to research, but millennials are time poor and expect a product that fits with their lifestyle.

Digital Product Design

Rather than focusing on individual property deals, the aim was to provide a more diversified, hands off property investment which could be invested in through an ISA.

Our goal was to update their product and marketing website with features and design that would engage this emerging generation of investors.

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UX/UI Design

We created a clean interface with bright illustrative flourishes that stood out and differentiated the platform as a new way of investing. This design work was carried through from the product interface to the marketing site, with consistency and quality of experience throughout helping to build user trust.

Our team was particularly impressed with their design and UX capabilities. Lighthouse London is full of creative people that can structure complicated and complex information in a user-friendly and clean way. That’s their true strength.

Tom Buttress
Managing Director, Propio

Launching a digital product

The plans for the Property ISA were finalised at the end of 2018. With the need to launch for ISA season and a proactive marketing scheme in place, Propio needed us to deliver quality quickly.

By helping them prioritise we launched in time for the appearance of tube adverts featuring our designs. You can now spot our work all over London!

61% User growth
30% Conversion increase
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