Generating digital tool ideas with a creative content agency


£5m+ revenue

55+ employees



London, UK



UX/UI strategists

Creative content

Not Actual Size create amazing content for some of the biggest brands in the world: Dove, Nike and Ray-Ban to mention just a few.

Their team are a passionate bunch who get a kick out of words and processes but wanted to discover ways in which digital tools could improve the way they work and the value they deliver.

There were a number of problems that needed solving. These ranged from freeing up time on boring, laborious tasks to finding new innovative ways to present valuable insight to clients.

We ran the NAS team through our Innovation Day workshop to get them focused on generating digital tool ideas around the problems they were facing.

Members of the NAS team using post it notes

The problem space

The ideas were plentiful but quickly honed in on one issue – the time being wasted by inefficient internal processes and out-of-date technical solutions. Developing the ideas related to this. the team were able to start preparing simple pitches detailing what a technical solution might look like.

The process proved simple and the team quickly got behind what we were trying to achieve. It turns out that ideas are pretty easy to come up with given a structure to work within.

Laura Jackson
Content Director, Not Actual Size

The pitches

At the end of the day the pitches were presented. Each had their own focus and the best digital tool ideas ended up being combined to form the scope of a new bespoke platform. This scope and final pitch was then taken to senior team for sign off and budget allocation.

The pitching session gave us an easy way to think about the different factors that would affect how we approach a technical project. Thinking about it in terms of finance, resource, time and value to the company helped us understand the broader picture better and understand where complexity lay.

Laura Jackson
Content Director, Not Actual Size

Work on the tool was then ready to begin and Observatory was born: Not Actual Size’s tool for gathering, managing and presenting content insight.

2 Product ideas refined
2 Hour workshop
5 Different coloured star stickers