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Innovation Day

A repeatable workflow for creating, rating and validating new product ideas for teams.

Forward-thinking, innovative businesses rely on a steady stream of ideas to provide the foundation for future product experiments. How do you keep that stream flowing?

It doesn’t take a lone genius to think of your next big idea, the people who hold these lie within your organisation already. Ideas are easy to generate, you just need a way to formulate and test them with your internal teams to see which are best for experimentation and development.

No big secrets, just common sense.

Our idea generation workshop will give you a repeatable framework to use with your team instilling a culture of innovation and a way to bring great new ideas out on an ongoing basis.


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What we do


Our tools are post-it notes and an engaged set of team members. We select a key area that you want to have ideas around and launch into discovery.


We rate each idea. Taking any preconceptions out of the picture letting the ideas fight for themselves. The group then moves forward developing one or more idea further.


Each idea is then pitched back to the room, identifying their strengths, weaknesses and long-term goals. Getting them ready for experimentation and further development.

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