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Travel brand UX

No1 Lounges provide luxury lounges in the UK’s major airports. As part of an extensive rebranding project, we came onboard to build new customer journeys and create a new digital design language.

Number one traveller changes to Number one lounges

A major focus was the sales journey UX. Previously this was confusing, with too many options up front, which diluted the core offering.

The aim was to provide a much clearer and quicker way for new and returning customers to book a space in a lounge. To improve revenue, a number of add-on options would be introduced as upsell options without getting in the way of the booking flow.

no1 website test

Testing the wireframes

Testing with real customers

We worked with the No1 team to map out new routes through the site, reviewing competitors in the market and those doing well at online bookings. With a lot of inspiration to work from we created clickable prototypes to demonstrate the new user flows and page layouts with real content in place.

Armed with our prototypes, we headed to Heathrow where we ran user tests with No1 customers in the lounge over a glass of bubbly – the perfect testing ground! 🥂

Videoing our tests allowed us to show nuance in people’s responses to the No1 team. Detail that is often lost in presentations and discussions.

Collaborating with an in-house team

From there we provided a direction for the UI design, collaborating with the in-house brand team. After various iterations with multiple routes for the booking process tested internally, we then worked up a front-end templating layer ready for integration by the by the in-house e-commerce development team.

A few years on and the site hasn’t strayed too far from the travel brand UX and design that we originally created. Sign of a job well done!

100 Hours design
2 Months turnaround
4 Glasses of champagne 🍾