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UX improvements

MyPolicy offers niche car insurance to younger drivers.

The vast majority of their customers come from price comparison websites like CompareTheMarket, where users have already filled out a good deal of information and are ready to buy.

However they were failing to take the final step. The signup flow on MyPolicy’s site was yielding below average conversions, and it was clear that some tweaks were needed.

We came onboard to quickly deliver a mix of improvements to UX and message and design refreshes ready for user testing.

User research

MyPolicy offer telematics insurance, where a box is fitted in the car that monitors how, when and where it’s driven. Good motoring is rewarded by lower premiums.

Not unsurprisingly, it’s a service often taken up by parents who are paying for their kids’ insurance just after they’ve passed their test.

There were questions around what users needed to see to understand the service was right for them. Did we need to show trust, explain telematics in more detail or show the company’s great reviews?

My Policy desktop layout
My Policy quote confirmation page
My Policy mobile quote screen

UX flows

With a regular development cycle in place and the need to make incremental change in a short space of time, we reviewed the onboarding flows of multiple competitors, picking out the ideas that we felt were most effective.

Why reinvent the wheel when there are already many major players getting great conversion rates from similar onboarding flows? Getting inspiration from others is always the best starting point.

My policy Tustpilot reviews

UI update

We introduced a series of new design elements giving each a distinctive style to separate different types of content. We also polished a few of the previously confusing UI styles to make sure that users knew how to interact with page elements instantly and that both desktop and mobile flows worked effectively.

1 Detailed user journey
3 weeks turnaround
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