Improving UX for a business critical application

The project

Infectious’ business sits on top of a complex layer of tech that serves super-targeted ads to users based on thousands of points of data for big brands like Expedia, Uber and Mastercard.

An underperforming tool

The Infectious development team had created a bootstrapped admin interface thrown together with no real thought to UX or design. It showed the necessary information but much of the tool proved painful to use and simple tasks were frustrating to carry out.

We needed a partner to come on board and help us vastly improve this essential business tool that we use daily. Lighthouse were a perfect fit.

Dan de Sybel
CTO, Infectious Media

Improving UX

Immersing ourselves in the business, we had to quickly understand the complexities of the underlying tech. Prototyping new journeys through the tool, we tested them with the team to validate our new ideas.

Our job was to take the tool and drastically improve its usability. This would slash confusion and wasted time, improving the visibility of client ad spends for the Infectious team.

UI design system

To allow the Infectious tech team total flexibility in developing the tool further we created a complete design system that documented every component in the system.

With a design system in place, UI design doesn’t become a bottleneck. The development team can pick from a library of elements and components to build new screens and features in the system without needing us.

We loved Lighthouse’s thoughtful UI design. They were unique in their thinking, and they provided smart suggestions. The finished product was beautiful and worked well.

Dan de Sybel
CTO, Infectious Media
Our services

Product Makeover

Fresh design and expert level UX for underperforming products 📈

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After releasing the first phase, we came back for a future round of changes to design the interface for their client-facing product.

The new tool immediately helped Infectious onboard some major new clients to the system.


150 Hours a month
3 Product releases
5 Major clients won