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Event Safety Plan

A new product trying to disrupt an established industry

The health and safety industry is built on clunky software and badly formatted word documents. Creating an innovative tool could solve the problems of many and raise the company profile by putting themselves at the heart of this change.


Wireframing the product

Product design is as much about what you leave out as you put in. Getting just the right feature set to be powerful but remain simple is difficult. The solution was prototyped and put in front of early adopters to test the design while the cost of change was still low.


Letting your users tell you what to build is a powerful strategy. Time and money can be wasted assuming you know best when they are the ones who will be using your product



A digital product post launch is a constant cycle of pushing new features, measuring their use and feeding that learning back into the software

With product development, launching is just the start. If you thought there were a lot of factors involved in decision making early on there will be even more once you’ve met your users, who have another set of ideas altogether. Every team needs a process for capturing feature requirements, designing, developing and releasing, and every team is different.

As well as working with clients long-term, Lighthouse help define how we should work long-term.

The team at Lighthouse London is technically brilliant and wonderfully honest. Ready to challenge and push us.

Andy Barnes — Director, Event Safety Plan


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