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Dead Good PR are a global influencer marketing and video game PR agency. Established in 2012, they’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in video game development.

Logos of Dead Good's clients

A major part of their work is enabling members of the gaming press and prominent influencers to review the games they work with prior to public launch.

A screen showing all the keys a user has access to
a screen showing the games a user can choose from

Self-service platform

To handle the thousands of review requests they receive, Dead Good need a distribution tool – Game Tomb. This platform acts both as a browsable database of games and an efficient self-service platform where users can request ‘keys’ for access to them.

Game Tomb’s existing incarnation wasn’t delivering on either front, and stakeholders were unhappy with both its appearance and functionality. That’s where we came in!

Customers will turn away from a video game PR company if they don’t look professional – things can seem very suspicious and scam-like if a platform doesn’t look and feel correct.

Jake Kulkowski
Head of influencer relations, Dead Good PR
the initial login screen for Game Tomb, with login options for 'creators' and 'press and business'
a mobile screen entitled 'make a request' where users can request game keys

Rapid transformation

With tight deadlines to meet and plenty to do, we set to work on getting a cohesive picture of how the user journey worked and identifying areas we could implement refinements in.

Lighthouse understood our brief from day one. We worked over four time zones, yet there were never any miscommunications — I had never encountered anything like that in my professional life.

Jake Kulkowski
Head of influencer relations, Dead Good PR

UI improvements

The look and feel of the platform had initially been worked on by the engineering team that built it, without any specialist design input. As a result, updates were needed across the logo, color schemes and other design assets.

We created an ultra sleek, minimalist and clean UI, using mood boards to explore and settle on a colour palette that fitted with the ‘dark mode’ industry trend the Dead Good team were keen on.

We can say with confidence that we look and feel like industry leaders because of Lighthouse’s work.

Jake Kulkowski
Head of influencer relations, Dead Good PR
4 weeks
80 Hours of design
5+ Games we want to play