Product success in
uncertain times

Times are strange

Times are strange, and the likelihood is that things won’t ever fully go back to the way they were.

We’re not talking post-apocalypse like the movies, but in a thousand tiny shifts.

Human behaviour has changed, demand has changed, and your business needs to adapt.

We’re all stepping into the unknown; no-one has any data or a proven strategy for an unexpected pandemic. So how do we deal with this?

Go back to basics.

Uncertain times mean we all need to follow the example of young tech companies, capturing their ultra-lean mindset and putting it to work to come out of this on top.

The guiding principles of talking to users, learning and iterating will never change.


Unprecedented times will mean unexpected demand for some businesses, whilst others will find themselves having to move in unforseen directions to generate demand. What’s for certain is that no business aiming at product success can just carry on as they were.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, we’ll tackle them together.

Service spike

One portion of your product is suddenly in huge demand. It may have been a tiny fraction of your offering previously but has now become an essential tool. We can help you to maximise opportunity and rapidly shift focus.

Unexpected demand

Some businesses will thrive in current conditions but caution remains. Sadly, hiring is often out of the question given the inability to predict whether demand will continue. We’ll power up your resource and reduce short term risk.

Disrupted plans

Your product’s best laid plan has been majorly disrupted by this unforeseen event, and you don’t know what direction it should go in now. We can help you reassess and come out on top.

Operational shift

Traditional businesses have had to adapt to a digital-only landscape. For some this is completely new territory, some aspects are always easier than others. We’re here to guide you through an unfamiliar climate.

Product Innovation Framework

We’ve distilled over a decade of learning into one proven process.

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What next?

We’re offering free 30 minute consultations with our founders, where we can help you assess the risks and opportunities and get clear on the product success strategy you’ll adopt to come out on top.

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