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Our team

The number one UX/UI partner for product teams

Who are Lighthouse?

We’re a specialist UX and UI design agency, born in London but now working together from all over the globe.

We help product teams breathe new life into existing applications and consolidate their place as market leaders with innovative digital products.

Lighthouse acted as a partner who wanted to achieve mutual success for both our companies. We can’t ask for more.

Nick Myers
Digital Theatre+

Our job is to help you ask better questions and give you answers you can actually implement. We treat your organisation like our own and do what it takes to help it succeed.

Lighthouse challenged us and came back with better ideas. They pushed us to improve the product.

Adam Bateman
Push Security

Where’d it all start?

Lighthouse was founded over a decade ago when Tom called on BFF of 25 years Dan to help him “do a database.”  From there, they began the task of assembling a crack team of ridiculously talented UX designers and product obsessives to become the agency they think the world needs.

Will it fare better than the fanzine they started at school? It’s still too soon to tell.