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Crash Course in Starting an Online Business – Event Highlights

Published on 11th Nov 2016

Event Image 1

Recently we held an event – “A Crash Course in Starting an Online Business” – over at Treehouse London. Thanks to all who came down to hear us give a little insight into what’s involved with getting going on your startup.


Tom talking

First up, Tom gave an intro to how we build products with tips on how to avoid some common pitfalls that we often see from first time wantrepreneurs.


Building things is hard. Don’t build the wrong thing.


Russ talking

Second on the list was Russ who took the crowd through how to conduct good one-to-one research and build your own prototypes.


Encourage a narrative from your users – if you hear them apologise for ‘waffling on’, you’re probably in the right area.



Simon talking

After a short break it was Simon’s turn. He gave everyone an introduction to startup accelerators and also told his experience of going through Ignite. Don’t worry, his arm is better now.


If you’re crazy busy running your business, have good advisors around you, are making profit and growing as fast as desired, then an accelerator might not be for you. Otherwise, they can offer real value, but choose wisely.



Anthony talking

Last but definitely not least Anthony took us through Porter’s Five Forces, a great exercise to get you thinking about how you can beat the competition in your industry.


The 5 forces can help you decide whether you new startup idea is worth pursuing.

Here are a few more good pics from the event:

Event Image 2

Event Image 3

Event Image 4

Event Image 5

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