UX training

Off the shelf and bespoke online UX training programmes for organisations looking to upskill their teams with modern product design and management skills

Engaging learning

A wide range of interesting topics taught by sector experts using fun, interactive online workshops.

Promote collaboration

Bring people from around your organisation at all levels together to work closely and learn as a team.

See results, fast

Pre-designed UX training programmes ready to roll out, with instantly deployable techniques and tailored bespoke options.

UX training for maturing design teams

Need a way to get your team moving on a path to user-centred design techniques?

Our 12-step UX training programme has you covered.

Intro: what is UX and why is it important?

Team roles and collaboration

Project planning and kicking off

Personas and user documentation

Discovery phases and how to run them

User interview best practices

Use testing best practices

Analysing data and uncovering insights

Systems thinking

Developer hand-off and product assets

Measuring success and KPI tracking


Niche skills focus

For teams who lack expertise in a certain area our individual skills modules cover focused areas of the design and product process.

Our most popular modules include…

Understanding your users
4 sessions

About discovery
User Interviews
User testing
Uncovering insights

Product planning and strategy
3 sessions

Design leadership and stakeholder management
Product strategy
Planning and roadmaps

Communication and collaboration
4 sessions

Product team roles
Presenting and storytelling
Workshop facilitation
Developer hand off

The quality of the products have greatly improved, and have provided leadership and agile project management skills to the team

Product Owner, Bank of Kigali

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Who is our UX training for?

Anyone in your organisation will benefit from learning these skills. Whilst many are obvious choices for design and UX teams, the techniques taught here will increase product maturity and user centricity within your organisation as a whole.


UX / UI designers
Product designers
UX researchers
UX writers

Strategy / leadership

Product owners
Project managers
Business analysts
Senior stakeholders

Technical / engineering

Front-end engineers
Back-end engineers
Quality assurance

How to get started

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  • Review existing training options
  • Organise team groups by skills needs
  • Design phased learning programme

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