Designing a tea-commerce marketplace for modern connoisseurs

Tea lovers unite

Mei Leaf is all about tea: white, black, green, oolong and much, much more. It’s a place where tea lovers from around the world can find unique and exquisite teas to taste and scrutinise.

Having existed as a longstanding bricks and mortar business in London’s trendy Camden, Mei Leaf had identified an opportunity to bring their online business to life and build some addictive features into the the tea purchasing experience.

A grand plan was in place but a team was needed to design the experience.

Content overload

Mei Leaf’s founder, Don, had plenty to work with. A head full of ideas, an encyclopaedic knowledge of his product, a stream of social and video content and beautifully shot imagery of the teas themselves.

It was our job to take all of this and put it into a form that would keep customers coming back to the shop again and again.

Changing perceptions

The long-term plan was to introduce the idea of tea as a drink with all the nuances in flavour of wine and coffee. With detailed tasting notes and serving instructions Mei Leaf wanted to educate the masses and turn them into teaholics.

Britain is a nation of tea-lovers but our consumption is vastly different to how it is consumed in the East. This new platform offered an exciting opportunity to explore a whole new world of tea drinking.


UI design

Designing filtering systems, product pages, blog articles and more we put together all the templates ready to hand over to Mei Leaf’s development team for implementation. The front-end system was created in a modular way to allow for easy expansion and future additions.

Handing over a pattern library allowed the tech team to piece together new templates using snippets of modular code. This gave them complete flexibility moving forward and allowed the product to scale.

100 Hours design
3 Months turnaround
30 Tasty teas sampled ☕️