Breathing a new lease of life into a luxury travel brand

The project

Hg2 was well established as a guide to global luxury travel, but had been neglected design-wise for a while and was flagging. We came onboard to give it a makeover and change things from dark and dreary to sleek and classy.

A guide to jet-set destinations of the world, but looking and feeling more bus pass than first class. We needed to inject some life!

Improving UX/UI

The content itself was excellent but was painful to navigate around. A UX and UI overhaul resulted in improved navigation, bigger and better maps, grid layouts, and an emphasis on sleek typography.

Content management

Managing that content had also been a problem so a new customised CMS was put in place to help the Hg2 team take complete control of their editorial.

Cutting unnecessary features

Once we’d got more clearly defined goals in place we were able to focus on the key objectives. This meant losing many confusing features that had been introduced over time without a lot of thought to overall coherence.

Additional advertising systems were also developed to help generate revenue and grow brand awareness for the parent company.

Internal stakeholders are thrilled. I can’t recommend Lighthouse highly enough.

Tremayne Crew-Pole
Founder, Hg2

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