A global financial services company in need of a revamp

The project

Powering some of the largest IPO deals in the world, as well as providing content and analytics to global financial markets, Dealogic wanted to change the way they talk about themselves both internally and externally.

First port of call, their online presence.

Representing a major shift in how the organisation talked about themselves was a big change for a well-established company with many stakeholders

Dealogic desktop home screen

New visuals

Their existing site woefully represented a company with a strong technical backbone and deep knowledge of the finance sector. The challenge was to convey a complex message but wrap it up in a design that looked financial but brought the organisation up-to-date.

Subtle uses of cutting-edge technology like the home page 3D animation meant we could hint at Dealogic’s tech prowess without appearing over-the-top.

Dealogic desktop news screen

Content management

With a wealth of content available, a move to a modern CMS put the power back in the team’s hands. Customising the system to allow users to create rich charts and graphs enabled Dealogic to show off the valuable data that lies at the heart of the business.

We built add-ons that allowed people to use the tools they are familiar with to generate rich content that you’d assume would need coding experience to create.

The site went from being something people were embarrassed by to being met with widespread praise after relaunch. It directly led to the signing of three high-profile deals in the first three weeks after going live.

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2 Year engagement
5 Product iterations
4 Global teams collaborating