Retained UX/UI and strategy

for a major automotive product

Since 2018 we’ve worked on a retained basis for Digital Charging Solutions (DCS). This major automotive business is in rapid scale up mode, expanding into new markets across the globe.

We provide all UX and UI resources across the ChargeNow and ChargeNow for Business brands, part of their ‘Now family’ suite of products.

ChargeNow provides drivers with access to a large network of public charging stations across Europe with a single card.

Our team are kept busy adding features and creating new tools as the brands grow and scale.

Collaborating teams

The project sees us working alongside the central management team as well as multiple other agencies, all delivering different components of the various products that the business produces.

Whilst our main focus is on design, we are also in charge of quality control and strategy for the front-end work.

UI design system

We maintain a central, ever-changing design system that is shared across all digital platforms.

Each time a new partner purchases the white label solution, the design system has to work across an additional touchpoint and deliver a seamless, instantly recognisable experience for each brand’s customers

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We’ve built an extensive, well-documented and planned UI kit that allows us to easily swap out elements to work within the partner brand products. The structure of this system also feeds directly into the front-end frameworks, providing the semantic basis for all templating work.

This documented design system allows technical partners to implement our design work with minimal fuss and achieve consistent results across multiple platforms.

Agile project management

Work on the products is run as a strict Agile process with the central team acting as scrum masters and maintaining the backlog.

With team members spread out across Europe we have regular online stand ups to keep communication tight, encourage collaboration and make sure that all teams know what each other is working on.

With complex product builds to keep on top of, it’s vital that the agile framework, with fortnightly sprints followed by sprint reviews, refinements and retrospectives is adhered to.

Product Strategy

Being so ingrained in the product through our UX work we’ve also taken on a strategic role in the project, helping identify and explore new opportunities and offerings.

We’ve helped run design sprints with the team in Munich over a number of days to test out new B2B offerings, which have then manifested themselves in new products which we’ve taken forward to UX and design.

Our services

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