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A visual overhaul for a live music platform

We first met Bandwagon in 2010 when they were starting their entrepreneurial journey. The site was born out of a Facebook page where gigs opportunities were posted for bands to apply to play at. The page grew and, without even knowing it, the MVP had been created. Result! We came on board to design and build the full product which was launched in 2011.

Version one, version two
Bandwagon through the ages

Over time we helped launch v2 of the platform with shiny new features and an updated design. A pivot then let to the creation of Headliner, a similar offering but aimed at a corporate audience.


Bandwagon has chugged along since but after a bit needed a bit of life injected back into it. Time for us to get involved again.

With a paying user base still in place the team wanted to inject some life into the platform and give it a well-needed push. With a big increase in mobile traffic in recent years we also needed to make it work better for small screens.


What looked good in 2013 was starting to date so we came back on board to provide a UX and UI facelift for the application.

A successful refresh and the site’s still going strong.

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Hours for redesign


Product iterations


Christmas Parties



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