Helping a parenting platform take its first steps

The project

Parenting is tough. With growing families themselves, the BabbleBox team were well aware of how tricky it is to do the right thing by your kids.

There are many ways to get support but the team found that conversations with like minded people were always the most helpful.

Keen to widen their network, the founders turned to online platforms but weren’t satisfied with the options available. This sparked an idea and they started using WhatsApp to put local parents in touch and help each other out.

It worked really well. People loved the groups and got a lot of value out of the service. The only problem was that it couldn’t scale.

The team approached Lighthouse to help scope out the first iteration of a full product. With a long list of features and a limited budget, there was a lot to do and not enough cash to do it all.

We helped the founders pick which features would provide the most value for their users.

We found the workflow between both organisations to be very effective and efficient. We were impressed by Lighthouse’s ability to interpret our requirements.

Conrad D'Cruze
Founder, BabbleBox

First concept

With the feature list scoped we worked on creating a design system that could be used to power all the screens of the new mobile app. Using a clickable prototype the team were able to test the new offering with current users before sending off to build.

We made sure that the UX and UI system would cater for the short term goals but also allow the app to scale as they moved into new areas and added extra features.

Design system

The end of the project saw two deliveries, the design system ready for handing over to the dev team and a new baby for the founders. Congratulations due all round! 🍾

We achieved a successful result that spoke directly to our defined pain points and requirements.

Conrad D'Cruze
Founder, BabbleBox
70 Hours of design
6 Weeks to completion
1 Baby born