Partnering with Lighthouse

Flexible processes and design systems for user-driven, growing projects

Our ethos

We believe the best design starts with two things – a real user and a desired outcome.

We also believe that great design work can never take place in a vacuum. Our work and goals are always influenced by user requirements and business strategy, two things which are often in a state of flux.

That’s why we’re optimised for change. As your product evolves we’ll be ready to adapt to new opportunities and shifting requirements. In fact, we’ll be there encouraging you all the way.

Whether you need to turn an idea into something that’ll blow your industry apart or you’re wrestling with features that have mushroomed out of control, we bring a framework, not guesswork.

Design, UX and front-end expertise

As a specialist design and user experience studio, we bring the full range of design skills, from cutting edge UX techniques through to first class user interface design, illustration and visual branding.

We’re not just a bunch of creatives, though.

Great design is nothing without faithful implementation that allows users to realise its value. We have the deep technical expertise to build out the front-end of an application, and our design team collaborate closely with development partners, whether they’re part of our team or yours.

How the build handles performance and accessibility are also design issues vital to user experience. Our complete skill set means we have a highly sophisticated workflow optimised for creating products that fulfil their purpose, no ifs or buts.

We think in components and deliver extensible design systems that grow with your product, as well as the skills you need to grow alongside it.

Lighthouse is full of creative people that can structure complicated and complex information in a user-friendly and clean way.

Tom Buttress
Managing Director, Propio

Strategic value

Over a decade of building, launching and steering products means we’ve learned a huge amount about how best to plan, estimate, communicate and deliver on even the most complex of projects.

This has allowed us to develop expert level product strategy, which we love to share in workshops and design sprints.

We also understand development and technical considerations at a CTO level, and can communicate effortlessly with every other discipline in your team.The value we add goes beyond the realm of design and UX.

We needed a partner to come on board and help us vastly improve this essential business tool that we use daily. Lighthouse were a perfect fit.

Dan de Sybel
CTO, Infectious Media

An augmented resource

Another thing we’ve learned along our product journey is what makes a good team, and what successful collaboration looks like.

Partner with us, and we’ll help to streamline and create more efficient workflows as well as positively and proactively confronting and overcoming issues that might have blocked progress.

If you’re looking for a bolt-on UX design resource who’ll partner with your inhouse developers, a safe pair of hands to deliver an MVP ready to learn from, or an ongoing relationship that adapts and evolves as your product and industry does, we’re ready to start meeting your goals.

Their communication and attention to detail were great. Their team members were friendly and eager to learn about our product. We’ll work with them again.