Decisions are made from the top down with no team or user involvement in organisations at this stage. There's often no roadmap created or shared, resulting in a disconnect where teams don't understand what they're working towards.


In organisations at the Flickering stage, people tend to be unsure of their responsibilities. Silos exist both within teams and between departments. Lack of resources and duplication of tasks can be common, with team members undertaking unnecessary work.


Generally we find at this level that there isn’t an understanding of user research. Because there isn’t any research undertaken, decision-making isn’t informed by it. Only high-fidelity, polished work is considered ‘design.’.

What can I do to progress to stage 2, faint?

Sew the seeds

Identify internal champions to build and raise awareness of user-centred design within the organisation.

Up your skills

Source the skills that are missing. This could be by training teams, hiring specialists, or enlisting the help of an outside agency to help kick things off.

Get buy-in

Make sure stakeholders understand the importance of user-centric practices, and the value they’ll bring to the organisation.

Start your maturity journey

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