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Will Gregory

The John Virgo of design (jazzy waistcoat pending)

With over a decade in the industry, I come from a background of graphic design, as well as spending time in branding and marketing before moving into the digital space.

My experience of both in-house product teams and within agencies has allowed me to be adaptable in my approach to problem-solving. It’s also given me the opportunity to work with and alongside diverse skill sets and understand different stakeholder values.

I love to implement design systems and launch digital products that are informed by real data, genuinely improving customer experiences.

Away from work I enjoy time outdoors in nature, walking or cycling. I’m also a snooker fan, although sadly I don’t have the waistcoat collection to back that up.

Musically, indie rock is my go-to, but I listen to all sorts and try and go to a few gigs a year.