Mathieu Bieth

Curious designer with a fondness for tinkering

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ From Berkshire
πŸ“ Lives in Berkshire

I’ve been designing for about 20 years, transitioning from old school print and graphic design to digital and UX as the next natural progression for my curious mind.

I’ve always been inquisitive; growing up I would take things apart to find out how they worked. This continual desire to learn has helped me to improve as a designer, and I enjoy turning what I’ve learned by delving into the innards of a project into delightful user experiences.

When I’m not drawing rectangles I love being outdoors where you might find me running, biking or trying to snowboard. I’m also a bit of a jobbing handyman/DIY-er, as well as finding escapism in films on less active days.

Unfortunately for me I’m an Arsenal fan, but I try not to let that put a downer on all my weekends.